Samsung Galaxy Buds Live – The BEST Earphones I Have Ever Used!

Here is my Galaxy Buds Live Review, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Buds Live in August 2020, a pair of true wireless earbuds that dared to be different. They boast a unique, bean-like design that adapts beautifully to most ears. For me, they’ve quickly risen to become some of my all-time favourite earphones. Intrigued? You can grab a pair for yourself (To save yourself money, get 2020 (Old Version) as they are the exact same but cheaper).

Unique Design and Superior Comfort

The Galaxy Buds Live reject the traditional earbud design for an innovative, bean-shaped profile. This clever form lets them sit just on the edge of your ear canal, achieving a comfort level that is second to none. Trust me, whether I’m burning calories in the gym or out on a brisk walk, these buds stay put without any discomfort. They come in an array of stylish colours – Mystic Bronze, Mystic Black, and Mystic White, each adding a touch of class. A range of adjustable wingtips helps you find the perfect fit. And don’t sweat it, they’re IPX2 water-resistant and can withstand your workout sessions or a light drizzle.

Sound Quality and Tailored Noise Cancellation

Samsung didn’t skimp on sound quality either. The Galaxy Buds Live sport 12mm AKG-tuned drivers that produce rich, balanced, and expansive audio. They’re Samsung’s debut in the world of active noise cancellation (ANC). However, because of their open design, the ANC won’t entirely isolate you from the outside world, especially in noisy environments. To me, that’s a bonus! I enjoy being aware of my surroundings while indulging in my favourite tunes. The companion app even offers a “Labs” feature, experimenting with reducing low-frequency noise.

Impressive Battery Life and Convenient Charging

The Galaxy Buds Live house an impressive battery, delivering up to 8 hours of playback without ANC, and around 6 hours with ANC active. The accompanying case offers two to three additional charges, pushing your total listening time up to 29 hours. These earbuds keep me company for about 3-6 hours daily, and yet, a single weekly charge suffices. When it’s time to power up, you have the convenience of USB-C and wireless charging. Plus, if you have a compatible Samsung phone, you can share power with the Wireless PowerShare feature.

Seamless Connectivity and Handy Features

With Bluetooth 5.0, SBC, AAC, and Samsung’s Scalable Codec, these buds offer reliable and versatile connectivity. The touch controls are customizable through the Galaxy Wearable companion app, enabling you to control your listening experience easily. Bixby Voice Wake-Up is there to lend a hand, responding to your voice commands. These buds play well with both Android and iOS devices, though some exclusive features are available only on Android.

Personal Opinion and Usage

The galaxy buds live have been my everyday earbuds since their release in 2020, they got me through university during the exam period and needing to spend all my time in the library. They got me through my gym workouts since I started going consistently 2 and a half years ago. They have got me through everything I have thrown at it and I can honestly say they are the best I have ever used. They never fall out no matter what I throw at them and they do have noise cancellation but not to the point of everything else being silent.

What I personally like the most about them is just how easy they are to use and set up. you touch the side of the earbuds, hold it down till you hear a noise which indicates pairing mode and then you are able to connect. They connect to two devices at a time and can be switched seamlessly which I do between my Pixel 6 Pro and Macbook Pro (yes I have both Apple and Android products), check out my MacBook Pro review HERE. I would definitely pick more of these up on sale as backups and again if you want to get paid you can at this link

In conclusion, the Galaxy Buds Live is not just about their quirky design – they pack a punch in sound, comfort, and features, making them a worthy companion for music lovers.

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